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Miss Amara – Increased Conversion Rates and Reached number of 15,000 Active Users monthly

A Case Study by Elevate Digital


Basically starting from scratch, in the two years we have been working on Miss Amara’s digital strategy, we have ensured that their advertising budget and potential are being directed through the right channels, to the right people. Today they can boast 15,000 active users and an impressive increase in organic searches.


  • – Client: Miss Amara


  • – URL:  missamara.com.au


  • – Industries: decoration, home improvement, online retail


Period: November 2014 – May 2016



  • – In less than two years, we have helped Miss Amara increase the number of organic visits by 220%.




  • – We have also helped them increase the number of monthly unique page views by 60%.


  • – Our attention to conversion rate optimization, combined with the increase in visibility resulted in their monthly organic revenue increasing 200%




  • – Finally, the number of monthly active users was increased by 115%.




Instead of only focusing on what traditionally falls under SEO, we also devoted a fair portion of our efforts on ensuring that the client’s conversion rates are improved, and that increased visibility is not the only benefit they receive from our cooperation. Seeing how we are already familiar with the industry, we could move right ahead to the competitor analysis and identification of ideal keywords. Once we had determined the direction in which we wanted to develop the strategy, we moved on to extensive onsite analysis and optimization.

What followed was the development of content strategy, mostly focused on publishing guest posts and editorials on relevant and authoritative outside sources. Combined with social media activity, influencer outreach and white hat link building efforts, we have helped Miss Amara grow their user base and increase their profits.


Working in a highly saturated market, our client had two main goals, getting a larger audience share, and ensuring that each new visitor is as likely to convert as possible. They needed an edge over numerous competitors, and we are happy to say that we were able to provide that edge. Having faith in the quality and reliability of their products, they mainly needed us to help with their onsite optimization and with establishing relationships with prominent names in the industry.

Services provided

  • Competitor analysis – where we tried to determine what the competition  is doing, and what we can do to outperform them


  • Onsite optimization – from meta elements to canonicalization, we ensured that the client’s website is presentable to crawlers and visitors alike


  • Content promotion – this stage mostly included us writing content on client’s behalf for relevant and reputable industry information sources


  • Social media activity – most of our content creation efforts were complemented with posts on social media websites and, in general, relationship building with the influencers in the industry


About the client

Miss Amara is a premium Australian online retailer of rugs. The business is a product of collaboration between a brother and a sister, both with backgrounds in IT and marketing, who wanted to find something more tangible to work with. Their combined knowledge, enthusiasm and devotion to the project resulted in Miss Amara becoming one of the most reputable retailers in the country, with a wide selection of rugs, impeccable service and constantly growing customer base.   


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